I’m sharing the first few pages of a first draft (unedited, unrevised) of a novel I’m working on, for now titled Octothorpe. I did a five-minute cover mockup, too. Don’t take it for actual artwork.

For Steve Jobs, Who Thought Every Concept Had a Clear Icon

Below, three signs I saw a few months ago. (Hint: They’re all water-related.) Perhaps these mean Be careful on these old stairs, because they’re crooked. This is a safe neighborhood, so no need to lock your door. The containment dome for this nuclear reactor is leaking, and we’re advising you to high-tail it out of…

Ultimate Respect

For years, I’ve “known” the story of how Graham Nash first harmonized around a kitchen table with Stephen Stills and David Crosby. Joni Mitchell’s table, in fact, she being one of the Ladies of the (Laurel) Canyon. Until I read today something Stills said about the meeting: “I wouldn’t have sung in front of Joni…

Raising More Questions Than It Answers

In quotation marks? Is it a metaphor? The CEO’s mission statement? A line from a play (“To eat or not to eat..”)? I think it’s their corporate slogan. Maybe they’re encouraging hunger strikes against them.

Field Research in Europe

Dartmouth cattle and wild Dartmoor horses – my book research for the day. (At this point, I think The Precise Man will be set entirely in London, but research is research, right?)

Happy Birthday, Will.

That’s all. Yeah, it may not be his actual birthday, but a) it’s close and b) scholars like the symmetry of his birth and death being the same date, “by accident most strange,” as Prospero puts it in The Tempest.