Brent Salish

My previous website was hacked, so I’m trying to get a new site in place.

It will take some time, because I’m mostly trying to write. And enjoy the summer in the Pacific Northwest, the two months or so featuring sunny skies instead of gray drizzle.

We’ll get the website together shortly.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about how easy it is to steal buy hack an election, read First Tuesday. I wrote it before the 2016 election, so it’s not about Russians, collusion, Trump, Hillary’s email, or anything else like that.

Rather, First Tuesday is a thriller about two people caught up in a hacking scheme they don’t understand. However, they do understand someone’s out to get them. There’s the dead body in John’s apartment. A pair of armed killers trapping him in an alley. And a scone that gives him food poisoning. He figures two of the three represent a clear message. And like any sane person, he… runs away. (That’s what people not named Reacher do.) Except folks keep chasing him and his friend Sandy. And shooting at them. Trying to run them off the road. Killing people they talk to. Yeah, stuff like that. Go read the book. Available in dead-tree format — and now, with electrons.