Brent Salish

About Brent

Brent Salish is the author of First Tuesday and other novels.

He lives on an island north of Seattle.

He hates building websites.

He’d rather be writing.

First Tuesday

Brent Salish is the author of First Tuesday, a thriller about stealing the election by hacking just a few voting machines in the right precincts. Torn from the headlines and all that crap, except he wrote it in 2015. And it’s based on real stuff, both deep research and a bit of inside dope.

By the way, nothing has changed. It’s still possible for a couple of hackers to pull off the basics of the plot.

So go buy First Tuesday, read it, and worry.

(And yes, there is a solution to vote-machine hacking. No, it’s not returning to paper. Just… read the book.)

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