About Brent

Brent Salish (that’s me) lives on an island north of Seattle.

I’ve led an interesting life that informs my books.

I worked for one of those big tech companies (for a long time).

I’ve taught and lectured around the world.

I’ve played in bands. I even directed plays in New York, once upon a time.

Nowadays, I write. (There’s a blog down the bottom of this page, too.)


Published: First Tuesday, a thriller about stealing the election by hacking just a few voting machines in the right precincts. Torn from the headlines and all that crap, except I wrote it in 2015. And it’s based on real stuff, both deep research and a bit of inside dope. By the way, nothing has changed. It’s still possible for a couple of hackers to pull off the basics of the plot. So go buy First Tuesday, read it, and worry. (And yes, there is a solution to vote-machine hacking. No, it’s not returning to paper ballots. Just… read the book.)

Preparing for Publication:

Short Stories Published

  • I Already Subscribe
    Why do businesses hector users with subscription requests when they already subscribe? Case in point #1: I subscribe – as in pay money – to NPR+. Part of the pitch for NPR+ podcasts is that subscribers don’t have to listen to ads. Yet on both Planet Money and Short Wave podcasts this morning, they shoved… Read more: I Already Subscribe
  • I’m Doing It Wrong
    I was just trying to clean my jacket, and I saw this stuff sitting on the tub. I mean, clean coats, right? Maybe not…
  • RIP, Shane MacGowan (The Pogues)
    When The Pogues’ “first” album – Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash – was released in 1985, I was blown away by the raw energy of their sound. The band was led by Shane MacGowan, whose death was announced today, and who at the time was recognized as much for his bad teeth as his music.… Read more: RIP, Shane MacGowan (The Pogues)
  • “I shouted out, Who killed the Kennedys…”
    Sixty years ago today. November 22, 1963. Anyone who is, say, sixty-eight or older knows where they were that afternoon. (I was in class. Ninth grade, I think.) Some dates just stick in the mind. June 6, 1944. September 11, 2001. And November 22, 1963. Supposedly, the original lyrics were “…who killed Jack Kennedy.” But… Read more: “I shouted out, Who killed the Kennedys…”
  • Talking Turkey
    This is a turkey: This is a turkey on drugs: Any questions? And just because: This is a turkey vulture. This is turkey-on-turkey crime. (Well, turkey-vulture-on-turkey crime.) And this is me after eating too much Thanksgiving turkey: