Raising More Questions Than It Answers

In quotation marks? Is it a metaphor? The CEO’s mission statement? A line from a play (“To eat or not to eat..”)? I think it’s their corporate slogan. Maybe they’re encouraging hunger strikes against them.

Field Research in Europe

Dartmouth cattle and wild Dartmoor horses – my book research for the day. (At this point, I think The Precise Man will be set entirely in London, but research is research, right?)

Happy Birthday, Will.

That’s all. Yeah, it may not be his actual birthday, but a) it’s close and b) scholars like the symmetry of his birth and death being the same date, “by accident most strange,” as Prospero puts it in The Tempest.

Warm Pacific Northwest Wind

Seriously, that was the first clue of the NY Times acrostic puzzle today. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 35 years, and I’ve sailed boats on Puget Sound for much of that time, and I’m still waiting for my first warm Pacific Northwest wind. Okay, chinook. Somebody who, I suspect, never lived out…

Hey Jude

Julian Lennon has for the first time covered his dad’s song “Imagine.” It’s special. And haunting, not just the song itself, but the resonances in his voice.

Needle Marks

I have to get blood drawn today… and I already have a needle mark in my arm from an IV Monday. I’m looking at the inside of my elbow as I don my shirt this morning, and I’m wondering, “What if the nurse thinks I’m a junkie?” Because the vast majority of “customers” at the…