Strange Weather

Strange Weather is:

a) A great Tom Waits song. (I’d link to it, except that YouTube these days has so many ads* that links are simply annoying to the point of being nearly nonfunctional.)

b) A great Tom Waits song made possibly even better by Marianne Faithful’s cover (as above, re linking).

c) What’s been happening the past ten days here in the northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest.

It’s been sunny, or mostly sunny, about ten days in a row. This is quite normal for August (don’t tell anyone – we like the protective coloration of being the country’s rain capital), but incredibly weird for mid-November. The Thanksgiving week is traditionally one of our rains-all-the-time weeks. (I saw some actual meteorological data to back this up. It’s not just received memories of holiday dinners spoiled by traffic backed up from folks who’ve forgotten not to hydroplane through puddles on the interstate.)

It still gets dark around 3:30, however. But I’m enjoying the sun while it’s hanging around.

*I do get it that YouTube/Google has to pay for the service, and that we are customers rather than users. I like to get paid for what I do, too. But there are far less intrusive methods than what they’ve chosen. There’s an economics-of-monopoly-markets-with-huge-barriers-to-entry lesson here… but I’m not the economist.