Beginnings (of Novels)

I’ve posted the opening chapters of three recent novels:

  • The Precise Man, a novel of 1604 London, co-starring a certain playwright named Will.
  • #TaurusTempleLives, a satire of the music industry. A loving satire… mostly. (Is that “mostly loving” or “mostly satire”? Um… yes to both.)
  • The Beeline, a humorous novel about a lost fortune, a small-time thief, and honeybees.

I hope you enjoy these excerpts. Each is maybe five percent of the book, so there’s enough to sink a couple of teeth into.

(The Precise Man links to a PDF file because it’s a bit of a postmodern novel wherein the formatting is an important part of the telling. I suppose it’s also post-Jacobean, by 400+ years. Don’t take the postmodern thing too seriously. If it’s got a lot of Shakespeare in it, it wouldn’t be complete without some clowns, though they don’t make their initial appearance until Chapter 8. And you don’t need to know anything about Shakespeare other than that he wrote a bunch of plays.)