Dispatches From the GetOffMyLawn Corp. (1)

Yesterday I put a new screen protector on my phone, after the original willingly laid down its life to save my screen.

No instructions.

Not in words, anyway. Just a video link.

This must be a getting-old(er) reaction, but I can read a lot faster than I can watch. In addition, since the phone should probably be off while I’m working on the screen (accidental touch and all that), I can’t have the video open at the same time as I’m going through the multiple steps to apply the new protector. I suppose that holds true for onscreen directions as well, but why couldn’t they be on the back of the box?

Now in the scheme of things, this is a most minor item, barely a fleck of dust on the touchscreen of life. Still, why make me watch a video when it would be easier and faster to read the same content? These videos take time to make, even with low production values.

Okay, silly rant over. And my screen is once again ready to deal with my overall clumsiness.

Maybe that’s why TikTok is such an apt name, as time passes – tick, tock – some of us by.