The Theremin and Other Weird* Instruments

*Weird to my Western ears, at any rate.

Theremins was a cool answer in this morning’s NY Times crossword puzzle. The theremin is forever linked with The Beach Boys and “Good Vibrations,” which to my mind is the most memorable use of a “weird” instrument. Not only can I not imagine the song without it, the, um, vibrations of the instrument fit the title so perfectly.

Here’s a “making of” video, featuring Brian Wilson and Wrecking Crew drummer Hal Blaine. (Insider’s note: It does not show Carol Kaye on the session. She was a fantastic studio bassist, but her claim to have played on the released version of the song has been much disputed.)

Good Vibrations the Lost Studio Footage – YouTube

Just for fun, here’s a few more “weird instrument” tunes:

Sitar: Cry Like A Baby (Digitally Remastered: 1996) – YouTube

Jackhammer: Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer In The City (1966) – YouTube

Seeing what happens when you accidentally (?) kick a hole in the speaker in your guitar amp: Link Wray – Rumble [HQ – Best Version] – YouTube