Brent Salish

Brent Salish is the pen name of an author with a long and successful business and technology career.

He’s published three business books under his real name. He’s worked in a variety of industries, and spent many years as a senior business leader/executive. His fiction derives from his real-world experiences with technology and people. For example, he designed the scouting system for a Major League team, which led indirectly to the M.E. Sequoyah mysteries, featuring a retired ballplayer-turned-scout. His work with computer security issues, including vote-fraud analysis, gave rise to First Tuesday, a terrifying-because-it’s-true* novel about the stealing of a presidential election.

*The technology described in First Tuesday for vote stealing is real, albeit obfuscated slightly for obvious reasons. Has an election been stolen this way yet? We don’t know for sure… which is where the terrifying part comes in. Well, that and the frightening things that happen to the main characters.

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